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Title Poultry Management
Salary Range: To $80,000
Education: Degree Preferred
Location: International - Nigeria

Job Description:
This is a commercial feed company with a small commercial egg operation. The company has grown over 40% and plans to double the size in the next 5 years.
The role of Head of Service and Support is geared towards the customers.
The position would manage the support personnel to poultry (layers and broilers), as well as vet support.

There will be opportunities to establish similar support structures in adjoining countries

The focus of the role is to teach and mentor staff on husbandry and the basics of how to serve the customer farmers.
The customers are everything from backyard farms to integrated companies.
This position would address performance issues on farms, respond to complaints, work towards customer retention, and generally provide value to our customers.

Living conditions: Homes are in a gated community.
Private school is paid by the company and well ahead of their US counterparts.
This position will require a person with a little adventurous streak and ability to think outside of the box.

The ideal candidate would be someone with a broiler/breeder background and two types of candidates would work best here:
1) A younger person with smaller kids as the private school is quite good up to high school.
An older person without kids wanting to finish up their career.

This position will lead to Managing Director within 18 months.

Compensation: Client is offering a full expat package, (tax-free), housing, vehicle, 45 daysí vacation etc.
Salary up to $80,000 offshore with additional in-country salary for living expense.

With the major changes taking place in the Poultry Industry over the past several years. Industry structure and economics are being significantly impacted by leveraged buyouts, mergers, acquisitions and restructuring.
More recently, the changes have assumed global significance and this is a great opportunity to get international experience.



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Phone: (512) 327-3959

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