Job Opportunities

Title Junior Cotton Trader
Salary Range: $50-$90k depending on experience
Education: Degree Requred
Location: Open

Job Description:

Large cash and futures brokerage, market maker, and proprietary trading company.

Work with cotton traders and merchandisers to make money trading cotton.
Must have an understanding of trading, merchandising, arbitrage, risk management, futures, options, and, especially, the cash market.

Education: Degree in Finance, Ag Econ, Economics or similar is required.

1 to 4 years of experience making markets, basis trading, hedging, using options, calculating risk, and identifying and acting on arbitrage opportunities.
Basically, looking for Merchandising and Trading experience in Cotton.

Location: Open

Territory Size: The World

Benefits: Full



Submit your resume for consideration using the email link below.


P.O.Box 162465
Austin, TX 78716
Phone: (512) 327-3959

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