Job Opportunities

Title Electricial Maintenance Technician
Salary Range: Open
Education: Experience
Location: Texas

Job Description: Specialty food manufacturing and distribution company located North of Houston, Texas

Qualifications: Basic math, mechanically inclined, Sanitation experience, has knowledge of foodservice operations


Fixing Specialty Equipment and Packaging Equipment.
Conducting maintenance on equipment and tools

Specialty tasks:
Electrical (Install Plugs, Disconnects, Breakers, Ballast, Run Conduit, Pull Wire, Etc.)
Refrigeration (Charge System, Change Relayís, Fan Blades, Motors, Clean Coils, etc.)
Clean and Sanitize in accordance with the SSOPís.
Assist in Warehouse as needed



Submit your resume for consideration using the email link below.


P.O.Box 164092
Austin, TX 78716
Phone: (512) 327-3959

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